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To promote The Memory Power you need to be a registered user of BuyGoods.

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ARTICLE #1 - Yoga May Be Good for the Brain

A weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help to stave off aging-related mental decline, according to a new study of older adults with early signs of memory problems.

Most of us past the age of 40 are aware that our minds and, in particular, memories begin to sputter as the years pass. Familiar names and words no longer spring readily to mind, and car keys acquire the power to teleport into jacket pockets where we could not possibly have left them.

Some weakening in mental function appears to be inevitable as we age. But emerging science suggests that we might be able to slow and mitigate the decline by how we live and, in particular, whether and how we move our bodies. Past studies have found that people who run, weight train, dance, practice tai chi, or regularly garden have a lower risk of developing dementia than people who are not physically active at all.

There also is growing evidence that combining physical activity with meditation might intensify the benefits of both pursuits. In an interesting study that I wrote about recently, for example, people with depression who meditated before they went for a run showed greater improvements in their mood than people who did either of those activities alone.

But many people do not have the physical capacity or taste for running or other similarly vigorous activities.

By this time, all of the men and women were able to perform significantly better on most tests of their thinking.

But only those who had practiced yoga and meditation showed improvements in their moods — they scored lower on an assessment of potential depression than those in the brain-training group — and they performed much better on a test of visuospatial memory, a type of remembering that is important for balance, depth perception and the ability to recognize objects and navigate the world.

The brain scans in both groups displayed more communication now between parts of their brains involved in memory and language skills. Those who had practiced yoga, however, also had developed more communication between parts of the brain that control attention, suggesting a greater ability now to focus and multitask.

In effect, yoga and meditation had equaled and then topped the benefits of 12 weeks of brain training.

ARTICLE #2 - Early Alzheimer's Linked to Brain 'Leakage'

Known as the blood-brain barrier, it's made up of tightly joined cells that line blood vessels in the brain. They form a filtration system that allows certain essential substances -- such as water and sugar -- into the brain, while keeping potentially damaging substances out.

The new study adds to evidence that leaks in the blood-brain barrier are detectable in Alzheimer's patients.

But it's not clear what it all means.

"They don't know whether this leakage is a result of the disease, or a cause of it," said Dr. Ezriel Kornel, an assistant clinical professor of neurological surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, in New York City.

It's also unclear exactly what is happening in the leaky areas spotted on patients' brain scans, according to Kornel, who wasn't involved in the study.

In theory, he said, the leaks could be opening the door for toxic substances to enter the brain -- but the study doesn't prove that.

"It's an interesting issue," said David Morgan, director of the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute at the University of South Florida, in Tampa. Morgan also wasn't involved with the current study, but reviewed its findings.

First, there is an abnormal buildup of proteins called amyloid. There are no immediate symptoms because the brain is able to compensate for those protein deposits, Morgan said.

Eventually, though, another type of abnormality appears -- twisted fibers of a protein called tau. Symptoms typically arise not long afterward, according to Morgan.

So, the question -- according to Morgan -- is where in that sequence of events does brain leakage occurs?

It's plausible, Morgan said, that a compromised blood-brain barrier could contribute to Alzheimer's -- by allowing certain cells from the bloodstream to "infiltrate" the brain and contribute to inflammation and nerve cell damage, for example.

If that's true, there is no obvious way to intervene.

But both Morgan and Kornel pointed to a possible "silver lining" in the leaky-brain situation. Normally, the blood-brain barrier blocks medications and other systemic therapies from getting into the brain.

"So if Alzheimer's patients do have a leaky blood-brain barrier, in a strange way, that could be a good thing," Morgan said. "Some therapies that are under development might have a better chance of working."

Backes and his colleagues also raise the possibility that MRI scans could help diagnose Alzheimer's early, by detecting leaks.

But Morgan had doubts. For one, he said, the researchers only reported on averages across the two study groups: If only some Alzheimer's patients show excess brain leakage, it would not be a reliable way to detect the disease.

Plus, Morgan said, it's possible that people with other forms of dementia, or other neurological diseases, may also have more leaks in the blood-brain barrier.

The study was published online May 31 in the journal Radiology.

ARTICLE #3 - Ever-changing moods may be toxic to the brain of bipolar patients

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a severe and complex mental illness with a strong genetic component that affects 2% of the world population. The disorder is characterized by episodes of mania and depressions that may alternate throughout life and usually first occur in the early 20s.

Most recently, physicians have started to group patients as early or late-stage. Early-stage BD patients are classified as those who have had fewer episodes of either mania or depression whereas late-stage patients have had more episodes with more severe effects and are less likely to respond to treatment.

This classification between early- and late-stage BD patients has more to do with episode recurrence and severity than the length of time the patient has had the disease. BD diagnosis may be difficult to establish and may take up to 10 years from the first episode. There is no cure for BD but psychotherapy and prescription medication such as antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and benzodiazepines may alleviate symptoms.

The brain of bipolar patients shows changes such as reduction in volume and neuroprogression. The latter is a pathological version of an otherwise normal mechanism by which the brain re-writes its neuronal connections, a process that is associated to learning, memory and even recovery from brain damage.

In bipolar patients, the process is associated with loss of neuron connections and clinical and neurocognitive deterioration.

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